The Challenge
Managing risk in today’s digital business has become more complex. Cyber attacks are increasingly more sophisticated, regulatory compliance is more costly and complex, at the same time, enterprise IT is transforming to become more flexible and needs protect an ever increasing amount of data.

The Opportunity

The global cybersecurity market will reach about $120 billion by 2017 as enterprises address security challenges. Less than 40% of enterprise internet connections are secured using next-generation firewalls (NGFWs). This number is expected to double as more enterprises realize the benefits of application and user control. The need for simple to use, cost-effective security solutions is critical for mid-size and enterprise organizations as they look for an easy to manage, intelligent solution that is seamlessly adaptable to the changing threat landscape.

The Solution
Through ArrowECS, Fortinet and HPE resellers are now able to deliver an integrated, scalable, seamless combination of Fortinet’s Next Generation Firewalls (NGFW), and HPE’s leading Universal Log Management Platform to help mid-size and enterprise customers move beyond the firewall and reduce IT complexity.

The integration of FortiGate Enterprise Firewalls and HPE Security Logger into one bundle enables customers to seamlessly collect, store, identify, analyze, and mitigate complex threats. The bundle comes packaged with HPE Logger and Fortinet enterprise solutions, including FortiCare 24x7 support, NGFW, AV, web filtering and anti-spam to provide customers with a cost-effective, seamless way to deal with today’s evolving security threat landscape.

Improved integration between Fortinet FortiGate Enterprise Firewalls and HPE Security Logger provides customers with seamless security management, to address vulnerabilities as soon as they are found. Businesses benefit from less disruption due to security issues and reduced risk of exposure to threats. 

Mid-Size and Enterprise Customers
Like many enterprise customers, mid-sized businesses face the same types of sophisticated security threats but often without the resources to adequately address these threats. This new security bundle brings together market leading technology from Fortinet and HPE into a seamless and powerful security solution. 

In addition, the enormous growth of mobile devices and cloud based applications places additional pressures on already constrained resources and IT budgets.  The Fortinet HPE security bundle opens the door for mid-size and enterprise customers to address ever growing security challenges with an out-of-the-box security solution from proven industry leaders, Fortinet and Hewlett Packard Enterprise.

Go Beyond the Firewall with the HPE Logger/Fortinet FortiGate Security Bundle